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Installing Cabinet Pulls or Knobs by Yourself

Market is filled with various knobs and pulls which are very decorative, operational and filled with fashion quotient. Most of the cabinets come with variety of knobs and pulls but sometimes you are picky enough to choose and decorate your cabinets with the choice of your own. However, removing the knobs/pulls originally installed and replacing them with new one is bit costly and require professional finish.

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers keep this thing in mind and don’t install knobs or pulls with their default cabinets which give your clear chance of installing knobs of your own choice. After all these knobs or pulls is jewelry of your kitchen cabinets or room cabinets. These knobs or pulls will be used for long time and should match with your fashion quotient. So, if you have decided that you are going to install cabinet knobs or pulls by yourself just to save some bucks then this article will give you step by step advice on how to install cabinet knobs or pulls.

Step by Step Advice on How to Install Cabinet Knobs or Pulls

  • Most of the cabinet knobs or pulls are installed at the middle right of the cabinet doors but some unique designs have them placed on different places like top right corner of the doors. You need to determine the best place to install the cabinet knobs or pulls by yourself. It would be wise to see the cabinet catalog before making up your mind. Looking at the catalog will give you wise ideas to locate best place to install knobs or pulls on your cabinet walls.
  • Once the decision is made you can use painter’s tape in that location.
  • It would be wise to mark the dot before drilling your preferred location otherwise you may end up drilling at wrong place and ruin the decorative look.
  • In order to mark the dots you measuring tape and measure the width you are leaving from both the side corners of the cabinet doors.
  • Once the proper marks have been placed, you can use your drill machine (if you don’t have it with you then you can simply take it on rent from your hardware store for few hours) and create small holes to accommodate the screws to attach the knobs or pulls onto the doors.
  • Use the screws came with the knobs or pulls and screw them tightly with the holes you have created just now. Attach the cabinet with the holes firmly and make sure they are tightening firmly otherwise they will loosen with time.
  • Repeat the above process for the next door and align the knobs or pulls in exact space on the other cabinet door.

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