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How to Fix A Washing Machine’s Overflowing Drain?

A washing machine makes our life easily by making the cloth washing easy and simple. But if your washing machine has an overflowing drain it becomes a nuisance for you. Do not worry it is not a very big problem you just have to find the reason behind it so as to fix the problem.

The most common problem leading to an overflowing drain is a stuck fill valve. This is a simple mechanical problem which takes 3 -5 minutes for its diagnosis.

How to Fix A Washing Machine’s Overflowing Drain?

In this article I have elaborated few simple steps to get rid of the overflowing washing machine drain:

  1. First step should be to turn off the washing machine. Now let the water flow in the machine and fill it to ½ water level. Once your machine is half filled unplug the cord of the machine.
  2. Carefully observe the water flow, in case the water continues to flow in the washing machine then the problem may be of a stuck fill valve. This stuck fill valve is positioned at the connection of hot and cold water lines. You can temporary fix the problem by turning the machine on and off several times.
  3. Now turn the machine on and off by the start and stop the machine a number of times and observe the water flow. In case the water flow stops each time, then the problem is electrical and the fill valve is working fine.
  4. In case the fill valve is working fine the problem may be of the pressure switch (water level control) which is located at back panel. For this you should turn off the power to the fill valve and then redirect it to the timer. You will see a small rubber tube which controls the pressure switch.
  5. Now properly examine the water level control. As soon as the water enters into the tub it also enters into the tube, pushing up the trapped air. This will raise the air pressure which triggers the switch. Make sure you also look for clogs, kinks, and small holes.
  6. The water level switch has 3 connectors. Do not forget to check all of them.

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