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Guide To Create A Healthy Lawn For Your Home

A beautiful lawn with young and healthy grass has a mesmerizing effect on everyone including kids and adults which certainly adds charisma to your home. But the lawns are subjected to various diseases and conditions which are unsighted and can turn your beautiful lawn into an unattractive ugly lawn. The best possible solution is to properly take care of your lawn so as there are no ugly lawn conditions appearing.
Given below are few tips which will help you to develop a better and healthy lawn for your home. Please leave me a comment and share your experiences of keeping and maintaining a healthy lawn.

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How To Create A Healthy Lawn For Your Home?

  • It is observed that the diseases and infestations in the lawn are initiated in the form of patches, so be careful and keep a check on the overall condition (environment, surroundings etc) which affect your lawn.
  • Keep a check on the grass blades as small pests and bugs easily get attached to them. These small creatures eat away the roots and blades of the grass which harms the health of lawn. If you suspect any such insects immediately apply grass pesticide to your lawn.
  • An excess of water is also dangerous for your lawn as fungus growth (powder form or even yellow/ red stripes on grass blades) is common with improper watering. So water your lawn carefully and if you visualize any fungus immediately apply fungicide to the infected area.
  • A dull colored grass shows a lack of nutrients, so to neutralize the deficit spray a general lawn fertilizer on your lawn.
  • Keep a track of your lawn for dry spots. These dry spots spread easily and can ruin your entire lawn resulting in an ugly lawn condition.
  • Dry spots are result of moisture deficiency and deposit of plant debris (thatch) in lawn. Use a thatch remover to remove the debris from the lawn which will allow moisture penetration for your lawn.
  • Do not let the dogs enter your lawn. The dogs urinate in lawn which causes patches of dead grass. Moreover the dogs have a habit of coming to same spot again and again. So be careful with dogs.

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