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How to Get Rid Of Garden Weeds?

Weeds can ruin your garden making it ugly and unattractive. So, the best way to keep your garden beautiful and healthy is to remove weeds from your garden. Before planting make sure that you have removed all the weeds to provide favorable growing condition for your plants and unfavourable condition for the weeds. In this article I have elaborated few tips to remove weeds from the lawns to help you keep your lawn beautiful. Please leave me a comment and let me know how you keep weeds away from your garden.

Lawn Weeds

How to Get Rid Of Garden Weeds?

  • Apply a lawnmower in your yard for effective cutting of weeds. Weeds which are low are removed quickly by using hand-driven or gas-powered lawnmowers.
  • It is advisable to regularly remove weeds from your lawn as it has been observed that the weeds proliferate less if the lawn is mowed frequently.
  • For removing the weeds from the edge of lawns or gardens make use of a gas-powered weed eater. This removes weeds from all places which are sometimes not reached by the lawnmower.
  • For cutting the weeds that are overgrown with thick and tall stems, use pruning shears. While cutting the weeds make sure you cut them from the base as close as possible.
  • Use a machete to cut large weeds. Hold a section of weeds in your hand and carefully swing the machete as close to the ground as possible. Remove all the weeds from the ground.
  • The easy way to remove the weeds is to hold them tightly with hands and pull with full strength. While pulling make sure the weeds are out of the ground along with the roots.

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