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How to Reduce Annoying Noise of Your Dryer?

We generally use dryers in our homes but you must have noticed that after few months/years there is very irritating noise coming out of dryer. This annoying noise is quite frustrating and embarrassing in case your guests are around. A dryer consists of a lot of moving parts, and when something is out of adjustment or worn, you’ll hear about it. If the dryer is only experiencing a squeaking noise when it starts, this is nothing to be concerned about. However, if your dryer is experiencing ongoing noise, you will need to determine and fix the cause of your noisy dryer.

In this article i am going to tell you how you can reduce the annoying noise coming from your dryer. Tell me what measures do you take to reduce the dryer’s noise.

Reduce Annoying Noise Dryer

How to Reduce Annoying Noise of Your Dryer?

  1. Check the dryer blower to make sure it isn’t obstructed with debris, lint or dirt. A clogged dryer blower will result in a noisy dryer. Clean out the area around the blower. If it is still noisy you may need to replace the blower.
  2. Check the idler pulley on the back of the machine. You will need to remove the back panel to get to the idler pulley.
  3. Check to see that the dryer is level. Look in the dryer tub for objects such as coins that may be causing the noise when the dryer is drying the clothes.
  4. Check the glides, drum bearings and baffles to make sure they are not damaged or bad.
  5. Many dryers use rollers to support the clothes drum. Check to see if they are worn out. Also check the drum belt to make sure it isn’t stretched or worn out.

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