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5 Tips To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Generally people feel that the best way to remove red wine stains is to douse the stain immediately with white wine. Others believe that soaking the stained item with soda water would do the trick. In order to get rid of red wine stains it’s best to wash the stains as early as possible. Don’t let the stains set-in permanently otherwise it will become extremely difficult to remove the stains later.

In this article I am going to tell you how you can remove the stains caused by red wine. Please leave me a comment and share your experiences of removing red wine stains from clothes, carpet or other expensive fabrics.

Red Wine Stains

5 Tips To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

  1. Salt – Spray salt onto the stain. The sodium chloride present in the salt absorbs the red wine and thus is quite helpful in removing red wine satin from the carpet. This is the best and inexpensive method for red wine removal.
  2. Soda – Apply club soda to the stained area. Club soda removes the satins effectively without harming the carpet.
  3. Oxy Carpet Cleaner- Oxy Carpet Cleaner such as Scotchgard’s not only lift stains but also work as a satin protectors for your carpet. It is widely available in market.
  4. Dish washing soap/detergent – Prepare a mixture of peroxide and soap (dish washing soap/detergent). Apply the solution to the stained area of your carpet remove the satin and clean the area.
  5. The market is loaded with varied new products such as Erado-Sol and Quick & Brite which are quite effective in cleaning the carpet. If desired you can use them as they offer a quick and immediate cleaning.

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