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How To Decorate Your Garden With Gazing Balls?

Gazing globes or gazing balls are one of the top favorite items in garden decor. The task is just as simple as decorating a room for a party. You also get several varieties and sizes of these balls along with the means to suspend or place them variably. Thus it all makes the process quite exciting.

Glazed balls reflect light and change the overall appearance of your garden. Depending on the size and nature of your garden, you can plan the decor using these marvellous globes.

Gazing Balls

How To Decorate Your Garden With Gazing Balls?

  • First take into account the shape, size and the nature of your garden. Consider the color of flowers, the arrangement of flowerbeds, the trees, pathway and other minute details.
  • Then plan the places where you would like to place the balls. Too many can spoil the look of the garden.
  • Gazing balls can be found with various arrangements such as hooks for suspension, pedestals and stands. You can select larger ones to be placed along or at the pathway with pedestals. These pedestals are concrete ones or those made of wrought iron.
  • Purchase the set of balls as you like. Then depending on the garden frame, decide their placing. The easiest way is to suspend them from tree trunks using suspension hooks. If you garden has only small plants or shrubs, you can tie nylon threads from the walls and suspend them freely across these shrubs.
  • Deep colored semitransparent balls look beautiful in ponds. These can be made so as to float on the water surface. For this you can use sinkers that are used in aquariums. Tie the hook of the ball to a thread or ribbons and tie the other end of the ribbon to the sinker, which are immersed in the water.
  • Furthermore. exclusively large gazing balls can also be used as a center decorative piece for the garden.

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